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T.E. Farrow & Associates

Welcome to T.E. Farrow & Associates, a Private Investigations company based in Johnson City, Tennessee serving the Tri-Cities area. We offer the latest in surveillance and investigative technology, and hope that by browsing this site you will come to a better understanding of why T.E. Farrow & Associates is your best ally during your search for the truth.

T.E. Farrow & Associates specializes in modern investigations that cross many disciplines and specialties. No matter what your individual or corporate need for an investigator is, we are confident our team can structure an investigative plan that will help you to attain the goal you seek.


A Wide Array of Options to Meet Your Needs.

Aerial Surveillance

Hand Held Camera to FLIR


Quality Polygraph Services

Forensic Accounting

Specialty Practice Area of Accountancy

Forensic Computer Examinations

Far Beyond Normal Data Recovery

Electronic Counter-measure

Field Services, Detection, Nullification


Who We Are and Why We Are Your Best Asset

T. E. Farrow & Associates is owned and operated by Thomas (Tom) E. Farrow and Sandra (Sandy) F. Farrow.

Tom Farrow began his law enforcement carreer as a deputy sheriff in Seminole County, Florida, in 1977. Mr. Farrow joined the United Sates Navy and received a commission as an United States Naval Officer in 1980. Mr. Farrow remained in military service to our country until 1987.

In September of 1987 Mr. Farrow accepted appointment to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and remained in service there as a Special Agent until his retirement in April of 2008.

  • A brief summary of Mr. Farrow's career:

    • BS in Criminal Justice from Rollins College, Winter Park Florida
    • 1977 to 1980 Deputy Sheriff Seminole County Florida
    • 1980 to 1987 Naval Officer, United States Navy
    • 1987 to 2008 Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • 1988 to 1989 Foreign Counter Intelligence Operations
    • 1989 to 1991 Drug/Organized Crime Operation (Yakuza)
    • 1991 to 1995 Drug Investigations & Columbian Importation Operations
    • 1995 to 1998 Violent Crimes Major Offenders
    • 1998 to 2000 New Agent Field Training
    • 2000 to 2008 Police Corruption Investigations
    • 2008 to present contract investigations
  • Assigned FBI offices:

    • 1988 to 1991 Guam / Pacific Rim
    • 1991 to 2000 Miami
    • 2000 to 2008 Knoxville - Greeneville and Johnson City Resident Agencies
  • Specialized Training:

    • Firearms Instructor
    • Swat Instructor
    • Sniper Instructor
    • Tactical Instructor
    • Laboratory Matters Instructor
    • General Police Instructor
    • DEA School
    • Undercover Training
    • Forensic Chemistry
  • High Profile Investigations

    • Responsible for "ROSE THORN" investigation in Tennessee, a police corruption investigations involving illegal drugs, gambling, prostitution, stolen cars, chop shops and animal fighting. The investigation resulted in over 45 Federal convictions of civilians, 8 Federally convicted Law Enforcement Officers, 155 State and Local convictions, and Court (EDTN) recognition as an expert in cock fighting matters.

    • Testified in 2008 in the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives, on matters relating to animal fighting, as it relates to police corruption.

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